A Lotto Glitch Revealed

October 16, 2017 PL Admin 0

You may or may not have heard about Eddie Tipton. This is a man that received prison time for scamming the lottery out of millions of dollars. But here’s the thing. He told the lotto companies! That’s Read More

Pay More Attention To The Numbers

October 16, 2017 PL Admin 0

Every day the lotteries around the world pull numbers. They all have similar number generators that pull randomized number sets for the winners. Many days, there are no winners. But there are still millions of players. If Read More

The Quick Pick Lie

October 16, 2017 PL Admin 0

It happens every day. Someone goes to get a lotto ticket and throws caution to the wind. They go in to a retailer and they just get a quick pick. They don’t even think twice, and then Read More

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