No One Wins
No One Wins

63 Million Dollar Jackpot Turns To Dust

No One Wins
No One Wins

August 8, 2016 was a great day for someone. The reason why it’s just “someone” and not a name is because they never claimed their prize. The Los Angeles Times reports the fact that a lotto ticket was in fact purchased with the winning numbers on it. Someone had gone into a convenience store and purchased a Super Lotto Plus ticket, and had won the big money, but the story takes a turn.

In California, if you win the grand prize, you have 180 days to claim your prize. 180 days after the drawing is quite some time to let the reality of the big win come through, but for an individual that has won, it’s no longer the case.

Here’s the thing, that individual whom didn’t get their money would be lost in the annals of history if there wasn’t a twist.

The twist came in the form of a lawsuit. Brandy Milliner got a lawyer, and sued the Lotto Companies claiming that they reneged on paying her the grand prize, stating that they had in fact turned in the winning number.

Unfortunately, the court decided that the ticket was “too damaged” and therefore did not win. Even though Milliner is asking for a reconsideration, the lotto companies seem to be winning this case, as the Los Angeles Times reports that the ticket is now void, and therefore no winner will claim the $63-million-dollar jackpot.

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