A Florida Man Pulls $2 Million Dollar Lottery With Simple Idea

When it comes to winning six figure lotto prizes, we have been discussing the notion that you could win big with a strategy that is easy to work with. There are a lot of strategies that you can pull through, but you’re going to find that some are better than others. One of the most common ones that we recommend is that you play lotto scratchers that are going to be a bit easier to work with than others. The easiest ones are to play games that cost more than $1. When you do that, you will be garnering better odds, and will be winning bigger.

This has been again exemplified by a Lauderdale Man who has been playing $10 scratchers on a regular basis. He simply played them with ease, and was able to move forward with minor prizes until he finally hit a big won. After playing a $10 scratcher, he finally won big, a $2 million dollar prize.

Renford Lewis was asked how he did it, and he just said that he plays often, and focuses on the higher prized scratchers. It’s that simple. He kept at it, and though he didn’t win the big one before, it was his time, and he pulled the nice lump sum that would garner him a top draw for the lotto. He is now $2 million dollars richer, all from playing with the idea of a simple strategy.

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