A Lucky County Strikes Again

Today, let us go to Ireland. It is there that the National Lottery strikes an interesting component of the future. There is such thing as a lucky city. Or is there?

On this blog, we discuss strategy, and there is a growing number of people that focus on strategy across various cities and countries. Focusing on Ireland, for a moment, you’ll find that there is a major element that you should know about, in terms of “lucky cities”. Are you living in a lucky city? Well, maybe, but only if there’s a growing number of people winning often, through the use of strategy.

Now, let’s consider this story. Going to Dublin, you’re going to find that there is a great deal of focus on several different elements overall. The most compelling, of course, is that the data is in for 2017 and the National Lottery of Ireland points towards something grand, and that’s the city of Dublin had 128 million in payouts. Forty-seven high tier wins were located in the city of Dublin, and some of those winners won more than once! That’s right, some were playing with strategy and won more than once. This is no joke.

Is the city lucky? Or is it that people are using strategy more than ever? That’s what you should really consider overall, because that’s what the story truly is about.

If you use a strategy, you will get better odds, and your city could be the next one to be reported as a lucky city! But of course, the lotto companies don’t want to say that, because if they do, then everyone is going to start winning big. So until then, take the news of Dublin’s lucky streak with a grain of salt, and think about using a strategy for winning the lotto in the near future.

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