A Scratcher Tip The Lotto Doesn’t Care For

There was a news story that hit “Wired” magazine in the past decade. This was a story of a man that got so bored with his job, he cracked the lotto code. Ever since that story was published, people have been wondering if the lotto changed the way that they made scratchers, etc. The truth of the matter? They didn’t. In fact, you’re going to find that they haven’t changed much, and you could very well game the system for your own means.

You see, what the math expert found was that you could buy scratchers and actually get better odds. So much so, that he was able to garner six figure payouts, and prove his algorithm to the lotto. But here’s the kicker, the lotto company didn’t care. The reason why they didn’t care was simple, most people won’t understand the algorithm.

It’s true, the math set was complicated, and even now, becomes something that you may not be able to gain access to. But there is a tip that he put out that you can pursue. That tips is simple, and it starts with the amount of money you pay for your scratchers. Pay more for them. That’s right, avoid the $1 ones, and instead go for anything higher, and you’ll increase your odds. In fact, if you play the $10 and $20 or even $30 cards, you could very well see a huge jump in your earnings percentage. Just like this one man that broke the lotto, and still maintains a high income.

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