Another $10 Scratcher Yields Huge Jackpot

One of the tips that we give on this website all the time is simple, buy scratchers that cost more than $1. It may sound like you’re going to be spending a lot more, and in theory, you will be paying more. But you are not going to be “playing” the lotto, you’re going to be investing in a strategy that pays off more than any other solution on the market.

Why do higher costing scratchers pay more? Well, the first reason is simple, many people do not buy them. You will be surprised by how few people pay for the higher denomination games. People generally, “play” the lotto. By that, they don’t focus on “winning” nearly as much as they do “having fun”. There’s nothing wrong with that, which is why the lotto puts out a ton of $1 tickets.

If you want to win, however, you need a strategy. One of the best options is to pay for higher denomination tickets. That includes $2 – $30 tickets. You could scoff at the notion, or you could read about another millionaire that pulled a jackpot from just this tip.

Thomas Holloway, from Illinois, purchased a $10 ticket, a normal thing he did, and boom, he hit the big one. He pulled a $5 million dollar top prize. That’s right, a cool $5 million from a scratcher! The price of that scratcher? You already know, $10. That’s a lot more than the top prize of most $1 scratchers, which don’t have the same kind of odds, mind you.

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