Befriend Your Local Clerk For Lotto Victories

There is something grand about playing the lottery. You get that rush of winning here and there, and then there’s the lows of losing. But what if you could throw in better odds for yourself? There are a few things that you can do to help you get better odds, and something as simple as being friendly can go a long way.

How can befriending someone help you?

Well, in this case, let’s consider lotto scratchers. When you go to a location to purchase scratchers, make absolutely sure that you discuss what is selling. Talk to your local clerk and ask them which scratchers are selling, and which ones are not. You need to ask this for a specific reason. Your goal is to make sure that you know which tickets are selling because that means that there’s a point where there will be a winning element.

What this means is that your local clerk knows when someone has won recently. If no one has won a certain game recently, but there’s been steady sales, jump in on that.

The second thing you should look for when befriending clerks is regarding the newest games. Ask them when they get new rolls of games, and know when they come in. They’ll let you know when new games are in, and you can jump in and purchase them. Purchasing new games is good because they usually mean the winners haven’t been given out yet.

Your local clerk is going to help you understand the trends in the scratch lotto system, etc. It’s not a bad idea to just be friendly.

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