California Man Claims Strategy Works Best For Lotto Scratchers

There was a time when Los Angeles, California resident John Gonzales was working paycheck to paycheck. But then something changed, he figured out a simple plan to win lotto scratchers, and it was staring him in the face on a daily basis. After finally cracked a six figure victory, he finally was able to quit his job as a sheet metal worker, and started his own business. But it took several years of testing a strategy to finally pull big wins, and now he doesn’t play as often, but still looks fondly at the period of time that garnered him many victories, including the “Paid For Life” drawing that now pays off $5,000 a week for the rest of his life.

What was his secret? It seems so simple, and yet it’s something most don’t do.

John did something that most don’t, and it’s befriending the clerks at his local lotto retailer. He would go in and buy a bottle of Gatorade, or water, and then talk up the clerks. He would ask them about what scratcher games were new, and which ones hadn’t won in a long time. After getting information for a few months, he finally took a step forward, and bought tickets based on the clerks recommendations.

The clerks paid off, because they knew what games weren’t selling, which ones were garnering big wins, and which ones NEVER paid off. Using that simple idea, he would play for a few years, garner many $1,000 prizes, and then finally, the “Paid For Life” option that is now garnering him a wealth of financial security for the rest of his life. All because he was nice to the clerks, and kept asking questions.

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