Canadian Couple Pull 23 Million With Lotto Jackpot

A Canadian couple revealed that they had a little secret between them to win the lotto. The couple had been married 36 years and they did something so simple, that anyone can emulate. What did they do?

They simply started to play the lottery together. They set a small budget, and they just bought tickets for their 30 plus years of marriage. They played weekly, and they didn’t end up winning often, but as of last week, that all changed. The two retired individuals in Canada were able to gain the upper hand with a 23-million-dollar lotto jackpot!

The only secret that they revealed is simple, they kept playing, and that’s it. They just kept playing and didn’t really stop. Of course, it takes time to win, but they kept with their plan, stuck to their own numbers and was able to gain a nice push forward.

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