College Student Scores $1M Jackpot With Steady Strategy

News coming out of New York City today focuses on a college student of just 20 years old, and how she was able to turn her consistent play of the lottery into something grand. You see, she was playing the lotto for a while, and usually just plays scratchers. She picked up a $5 option, like she does on a regular basis, and upon seeing everything scratched away, she noticed that she had won the top prize. At first, she didn’t realize what she had done, but then after closer inspection, the 20 year old saw the big win, and was able to win a cool million dollars.

How did she manage this?

The news caught up with her, and she blatantly said that she was using a simple strategy. The strategy utilized was to play lotto games that were $5 and up. That’s it. With a small budget, she simply played the $5 games, and this time, it paid off for her. She was shocked to find out that she was able to garner a $1 million dollar prize, and from a game she had played before, no less.

The same strategy she used is available for anyone, so long as they stick to the tips and tricks mentioned from lotto players that focus on strategies. For instance, playing scratchers, you want to focus on higher denominations than $1 or $2, starting at $5 and up. Those will garner you a little better odds, that’s for sure.

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