Lucky Numbers Lotto
Lucky Numbers Lotto

Did Players Find Lucky Numbers In Australia?

Lucky Numbers Lotto
Lucky Numbers Lotto

News coming out of Perth, Australia points to an interesting concept, lucky numbers. Now, there is inherently no such thing as a set of numbers that are pure luck, but in this story, it may appear that there is something to it. You see, 21 people won the lotto in Perth with the Saturday Lotto Superdraw coming out of October 29, 2016.

The winning numbers in this case were: 33, 39, 20, 23, 42, and 15

Now, 1 player did manage to pull a $1.9 million dollar prize, but it was 21 other winners that were able to pull $200,493, and $10,586 respectively. That’s a lot of money going to people that played these numbers, and it’s an interesting concept that could very well give you a lucky boost.

Of course, this is a rarity, but it’s definitely something to consider. Could this set of numbers have something big for you? If nothing else, it’s interesting to see that there are 3 major numbers with the numeral 3 in them. Perhaps there’s something to that?

If you were to take these numbers and play them outright, you would need to keep at it. The best tip you can take away from this interesting story is that you should take the numbers, and apply them to your quest, and leave them alone. Play them as is, and just keep playing, because eventually these numbers could very well bring you great luck yet again.

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