Lotto Remix 13

Elderly Woman Wins $2 Million Jackpot From Fortune Cookies – Round 3

Lotto Remix 13

Once again, we turn towards an unlikely resource to get lotto numbers. Some people may laugh at the notion of getting Chinese food and picking out lotto numbers with them, but you won’t be laughing after you read this third note on the matter.

A Bronx, New York woman played the lotto with the same numbers, putting in the numbers that she found in her Chinese food. She found a fortune cookie and decided to just play the numbers found there, and well, it took time for her to win, but it finally happened. Emma Duvoll was 75 years old when she hit the $2 million-dollar jackpot playing New York’s Lottery, and it has made all the difference for her.

The numbers she used were 5, 12, 15, 27, and 38. These were the numbers that she played for some time, but didn’t really get anywhere, until a few months after the fact. She kept at it, playing these numbers until she hit them big. She matched 5 out of the 7 Powerball numbers, and was able to pull $2 million dollars! She will receive a lump sum of $1.2 million dollars after taxes, and all because she enjoyed some lo mein one afternoon.

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  1. Hello I know I read where in your notes about playing the same scratch off over and over. Should I still move around from one store to the other or should I buy from the same place each time. I am new here and just read your info last night. I bought a few 5.00 scratch offs and won on both of them. I also kept with your once you win stop and don’t go back till next day attitude.

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