Florida Panhandle Could Be Lucky Lotto City

Are there lucky cities? Some say no, and others say yes. But if you think about what is going on with the lotto, you’ll realize that more people are starting to work with strategies that pull better odds. Not sure about that? Well, consider the news coming out of the Panhandle of Florida. There are several winners that have been coming out of that area, and it’s in regard to the Fantasy 5 drawings.

One story that is interesting, in particular, is that of James Bocchini. He is from Miramar Beach, and he was able to pull a 2018 Winnebago and a cash prize as well. Now, the numbers pulled this time around were, 06-08-19-29-30. These numbers garnered several winners, and the prize that each person will receive is $63,238.65. Now, that’s not the top draw, but hey, a second or third place win would be nice for you, right?

Now, there was another 4 lotto winners of the Fantasy 5, each one getting $60,000 each. But the story of Mr. Bocchini is interesting because he’s a long time player. He’s been playing the lotto for some time, and finally hit this prize. When the media catched up to him, he stated that he just plays often, and keeps the same numbers.

Could you do the same? Yes! You need a strategy, and you need to pick your numbers, and keep playing. The more you do that, the better the odds will be in time.

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