Forget Matching All Numbers For Lottery Victories

What if you could garner a prize by not getting numbers right? That would be insane, right? That sounds stupid, considering the lotto overall, right? But here’s the truth of the matter, you could win prizes based on not getting all of the numbers right in certain drawings.

For the purpose of illustration, you’ll find that the Powerball drawings do not require you to get ALL the numbers correctly to win a prize. There are prizes that range from $4 to $2 million dollars, and you don’t have to match all of the numbers to get a prize!

You could win a prize based on how many you get right. That means that you can win with NO numbers right, but it does mean that you don’t have to push towards every single number correctly. If your goal is to win the lotto, use a strategy, and aim to not get every single number right, but rather, just enough numerals to win a second or third place prize.

A second-place prize with the Powerball could net you upwards of $250,000 in cold hard cash! Now that’s something to consider overall.

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