Lotto Remix 11

Fortune Cookies For Lotto Numbers Round Two

Lotto Remix 11

You may have read about the lotto numbers chosen from fortune cookies, and scoffed. Many probably laughed at the proposition, but there are stories that solidify the truth in that matter. Don’t believe it? Well consider the following story of one man’s quest to win the lottery with his Chinese food takeout, and how he was able to gain $10 million dollars in one major jackpot.

Turn your attention to Richard Davis. This Boca Raton resident took on the idea of playing the lotto with the numbers that he was getting from Fortune Cookies. What happened next was absolutely amazing, and something that most people won’t believe, until they see it for themselves. This individual was able to pull a $10 million dollar jackpot simply by continually playing the same set of numbers.

Here’s the thing, Mr. Davis played 5 sets of numbers that he pulled from cookies that were found in his Chinese food. He then played those tickets on a weekly basis, the same 5 sets, and that’s it. The numbers he won with were 26, 39, 16, 29, 46, and 45. These came through a regular meal, and could very well be proof positive that sometimes, your numbers are found inside a delicious treat.

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