Grandmother Gives Away Lucky Numbers To Virginia Student

Charles Davis is a student at Virginia. He’s a Red Shirt freshman football player, and he is not exactly making big money in football, as a student. Students have a lot of rules they have to follow, as you may or may not know. This football player played a Cash 5 game, and used the numbers his grandmother had given him, playing the same numbers often, while purchasing a cup of coffee as well.

The lucky numbers he used were, 1, 3, 4, 7, and 9. These numbers are the numbers his grandmother had given him, and the same ones he had played many times before. Not thinking twice, he just kept pushing forward, and then the drawings came. Two Cash 5 drawings came through, and the numbers were the same, garnering the Virginia student $100,000!

The NCAA approved of the win, citing that this is not the same as a sponsorship, or getting paid in other manners. It’s “luck”, to them, so there’s no rules that he broke, garnering the big win a nice push forward as he plays football and gets his education.

But the big thing to remember about this win, is simple. Davis played numbers that he had played in the past, the numbers given to him by his grandmother, whom picked the numbers out for him. The goal in chasing lotto victories is always the same, play the same numbers every time, and keep pushing forward, they’ll hit eventually, guaranteed.

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