How Video Poker Helped One Man Win The Lottery

You may not think that video poker and the lottery have anything in common, but there are some things that you can learn from people that love both game types. You see, there are a lot of people that jump into the world of gambling and just play with chance. But that’s not the way to approach anything in this arena. If you want to win, you’ll need to learn how to increase the odds in your favor, and that’s where you will find a few notes that will help you garner success.

For instance, there was a man that played video poker a great deal, and finally decided to start playing lottery scratchers. He approached the idea of a scratcher the way he approached video poker machines. He would see what the values of the games were, and what the highest pay outs were. Then he would only play cards that were going to pay him six figures and above, and were above $1 to play. With that simple strategy, he just kept playing.

While he would win a few hundred dollars in video poker here and there, he would pull several thousand from lottery scratchers. He didn’t win the big jackpot, mind you, but he focused on playing games that were more than $1 and were still new, and that was a secret to winning big for him.

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