Illinois Man Wins Big With Crossword Lotto Game

Over the years, many people have won the lotto through scratchers. But what you may not read a lot about is that they are winning by playing games that offer “games” and cost more than others. There’s two things here that you have to consider.

The first thing that you have to note is that games that cost more than $1 have better pay outs. Not only that, you will find that they don’t sell as well so you will have more chances to win top prizes. The next thing that you should know is that games that cost more and are game based will get you better odds as well.

Don’t believe it?

Consider Devery Carr, whom recently won $250,000 from a scratcher. What game did he play? He played a Crossword game that cost $10. That’s right, it was a $10 scratcher and it was crossword based, and that’s it. His strategy? Always play scratchers that cost more than $1, and that’s all he did.

This time around he won the top prize for the game, and it was a stunning win. The media noted that he has been playing for some time, and this is his biggest win.

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