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Improve Your Lotto Odds With These Killer Tips

Ideas To WinThe lottery has set odds in many instances. You’re going to be battling against a great mountain of them, but there are ways to narrow the field a bit. Sometimes, it’s easy to get discouraged because you’re not winning the six figure pay outs. You’re not alone. A lot of people have quit playing the lottery because they just don’t win. But if you do the math, and you really look at the true cost of the lotto, you’ll realize that the cost versus win ratio is not that bad, and if you are going to play smart, you can win big. In fact, the following are a few ideas that can help you improve your odds, without over complicating anything.

Select Just One Game

The first tip is simple, select one game. Do not play all of the games that are available. Set your sights on winning one game and that’s it. Do not try to spread your money across multiple options, instead just focus on mastering one game. For instance, take on the pick 3 games and stick to them. Learn the rules, know the winning numbers, keep your tickets, track whether or not certain patterns are coming up, and you’ll no doubt start to see small victories here and there.

Play Within Limits

Do not overspend on the lotto. Do not just start putting money down, that doesn’t work. Instead, focus on just playing within a budget that you create to start. If you can only afford $5 to play, then just stick to that. Do not go overboard, do not stress out, remember, your goal is to play and learn. Through the process, you will have some losses, but your wins are going to make up for them, especially when your numbers hit after continual progress.

Do Not Change Up Your Numbers

Be picky about your numbers, and then play them only. If you have multiple sets, then only play those sets and that’s it. Do not change up your numbers all the time, because if you do, you’re going to miss the big jackpot. Eventually, your numbers will hit, and you’re going to be delighted. But that takes time, and effort to pull, so keep in mind that you should play, with your numbers the same, over time.

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  1. HI, My question is regarding about not changing your numbers. If for instance a person does end up winning big with his numbers, would he keep the same numbers with the chance that they win again or calculate a new set of numbers and play them until a possible big win?

    • Funny you should say that. We are posting an interesting story where a man did this. They pulled $2 million, then bought 56 tickets with the same number the week after, and won 56 times! I kid you not. So no, they may play the same numbers, and then have a second set, or they may not play again, depending on the jackpot size.

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