Indiana Woman Pulls Lucky Sevens In Lottery

There is one strategy that you can take with you to the bank every time, and it’s to play scratchers that cost more than $1. That strategy is a simple tip that you can take with you today, and it has proven effective yet again. This time around in Indiana, where a woman was able to pull lucky sevens across the jackpot that she would win. Marilyn Dunlap, a retired bus driver, has been working towards fighting cancer and as of this week, she’s going to get a helping financial push.

This woman played a $5 scratch-off, and won the big prize, $77,777 in one full push forward. That’s right, she was able to get all sevens! That’s one hell of a jackpot, and she is all smiles now that she was able to win big. She has been playing scratchers for some time, and now she’s got a big prize to help her fight cancer and keep moving forward with her life. This is a precious win, and something that can only be done with strategy. Sometimes you just have to keep playing, because that’s the only way you’re going to win, and in this case, playing more than then the $1 tickets is the key to getting the upper hand.

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