Iowa Man Wins Big Despite Cold Temperatures

George Dickerson is laughing today, as he was able to garner a huge jackpot for himself. However, it was freezing by the time he was going out to get a ticket. It was December 30, and the freezing temperatures made it so that many people didn’t play the lotto that day. However, you will find that the Iowa resident ended up going forward and getting a ticket for the Powerball Lotto.

Dickerson told the news that he didn’t want to go, but something told him to go for it. So he went and he played the same numbers he was always playing. He would play the numbers 28, 36, 41, 51, and 58. He would win a million dollars, and while he didn’t win the biggest prize that day, he is happy that he took on the cold to play and win a jackpot.

This is an interesting story, because Dickerson didn’t win the big prize that day. He only won a smaller prize, but that smaller prize in this case was a million dollars. The next time you decide it’s too cold, think twice, because you could have very well won a big prize, because one million dollars is no small prize, even if it isn’t the top one.

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