Learn To Play One Lotto Game Only

The biggest thing that you can take away today about how to win the lottery is to look into playing just one game. That’s correct, just one game will do it. People often chase the lotto with several different games, throwing their money around and it’s not a good thing. If you want to enter into the winner’s circle more often than not, then you will need to learn to play just one game, and master it.


Because one game is going to be easier to manage than many games. Not only that, you will be able to chase the numbers in a positive manner. You see, some games, for instance, you can lose and still win. How does that work? Well, you will need to factor in how to play certain games. For instance, games like the Powerball lotteries, give second and third place victories that can garner upwards of $25,000 and higher.

That means that you could win without picking all of the numbers! If you were to play with strategy, you wouldn’t need to get all of the numbers right, you just need to map out the numbers that are going to give you second or third place prizes, which is something that can pay off huge. I mean, do you want to throw away 25,000 in a prize or not? Think about that.

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