Lesson From A Couple That Won A $3 Million Jackpot

For those that are playing the lotto with a significant other, today you should learn a valuable lesson. This is something that you should not dismiss. You see, news coming out of Canada is an interesting one. It focuses on Maurice Thibeault. He picked up over $3 million dollars in the lotto, and while he loved the big prize, his girlfriend, not so much.

You see, the ex-girlfriend of Thibueault played the lotto with Maurice. When Maurice won he didn’t want to share it with his ex, even though she claims that she played the ticket with him! Does she have a case? Well, a judge thinks so, and the prize is going to be held with the court and will be in litigation and of course she may very well get paid out.

You should learn a lesson here.

If you’re going to play with anyone, make sure that you are in an understanding relationship that if one wins, you all win. Whether it’s a spouse, a girlfriend, friend, or anyone else. If you’re going to work with someone to win the lottery, make sure that you talk about procedure after the fact.

The judge in this case was able to get text messages from when the couple were together and pulled the tickets, and the ruling shows that Thibueault didn’t have sole claim to the tickets and the win.

This could be you, if you don’t pay attention.

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