Man Steals Lotto Tickets
Don't Steal Lotto Tickets

Man Fails To Win Jackpot After Stealing $10,000 Worth of Tickets

Man Steals Lotto Tickets
Don’t Steal Lotto Tickets

Millions of people play the lottery and lose. Some people get so mad that they want to fight back and win big. That’s exactly what happened in Ocala, Florida. Christopher Charles Sikes, only 24 years old made a huge tactical error in trying to win the lottery. This cautionary tale should tell you that you shouldn’t try to rob the lotto, instead, learn how to win big with The Lotto Professor strategy.

According to officials, Sikes stole $10,000 worth of tickets. That’s right, he stole as many tickets as he could get his hands on, and here’s the kicker, he was caught on tape.

More money doesn’t equal big wins, as Sikes would find out in this story. Think about what many people playing the lotto think. They assume that if you spend more money on tickets, if you just play more, you will win, right?


The Lotto Professor strategy never says to spend tons of money to win. You can, but it doesn’t better your odds. You see, as Sikes found out, more money doesn’t mean the big jackpot, and furthermore, if you steal the tickets, you’re going to be in serious trouble.

The robber in this story tried to cash in his prize, and what prize could have been garnered from $10,000 worth of tickets? A measly $1,000. That’s right, Sikes was caught trying to cash in $1,000 which is roughly 10% of the value of the tickets that he stole.

The best way to win the lottery is not to steal your tickets. In today’s modern times, you’re going to get caught, and Sikes was busted when he was caught on video. Whatever the case may be, let this be a cautionary tale that not only does crime not pay, but stealing lottery tickets certainly won’t help either.

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