Patrick Wesley Wins 1 Million Dollars
Patrick Wesley Wins a Cool 1 Million

Man Wins 1 Million Dollar Jackpot With Morning Coffee

Patrick Wesley Wins 1 Million Dollars
Patrick Wesley Wins a Cool 1 Million

Patrick Wesley of Greer, South Carolina did what he often did before going to work. He stopped at a local convenience store. Like millions of commuters across the United States, before going to work he stopped to get a cup of coffee and a lottery ticket. Thing is, he didn’t scratch it then. In fact, he didn’t even think about the ticket he had bought until later on in the day.

During a break at work, he decided to scratch the ticket he had forgotten all about, and boom, the $1-million-dollar prize hit. Wesley screamed, and claimed his ticket. Driving to Columbia, South Carolina, his ticket was in fact confirmed as the big jackpot winner.

This is no new kind of story.

Millions of people play the lottery on a regular basis and forget about the ticket that they’ve purchased. If a lesson is to be learned from Wesley, it’s to always remember that you have purchased a ticket, and then scratch, check the numbers, and be certain that you don’t forget about it. Luckily for Wesley, he was able to remember that he had purchased a $10 ticket. Imagine if he didn’t claim it?

The odds of winning the 1-million-dollar prize off a scratcher is roughly 1.6 million according to the lotto company in South Carolina. Even with great odds, winners are made daily. When the local media caught up with the jackpot winner, he said he would be purchasing a new house with the big jackpot.

One thing to note about this big jackpot, and scratchers in general is that many come with a “second chance” offer. If you don’t win the jackpot, don’t panic. Look to see if there’s a second chance offer on the ticket, and visit the website instructed. The odds of winning the second chance million-dollar drawing is based on the number of entries that are received! Most people are sad when they don’t win and throw their tickets away.

Imagine that for a moment, you don’t win, but you enter second chance drawings. Of the losers, only 1,000 people enter, and you’re one of them! That’s 1 in 1,000 odds of winning. That sure beats 1 in 1.6 million right?

Of course, it’s always nice to get the big jackpot, as Patrick Wesley found out on a normal workday morning. Next time you’re stopping to get a cup of coffee, why not play the lotto? It could be worth a cool $1 million dollars or more!

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