Massachusetts Profits Jumping High

People are still playing the lottery in Massachusetts, but not as many. In fact, news broke this morning that the sales of lottery tickets are dropping off. The state has fewer players than ever, as people aren’t playing nearly as much. But here’s the kicker, their profits are higher than ever before. In fact, in the past year, the Massachusetts lottery has gained more than $1 billion in profit for the fiscal 2017 year. The most popular game in the state is that of KENO, and the second is Powerball, with others going down from that point.

This sounds great, right, good for the lotto company. But here’s the thing, out of all the sales, roughly over $5 billion in sales, and a profit margin of $1 billion, you’ll find that players aren’t getting screwed out of their winnings. In fact, here’s where things get really interesting for those that want to play the lotto.

72% of the sales from the lottery were paid out to players of the lotto! That’s right. 72% the sales in the lotto were given to players, which means that if you’re living in the state of Massachusetts, the lotto is giving money out in the billions.

Playing the lotto helps a variety of different resources, but the main draw is the fact that you have a good shot at winning if you live in this state. Since there are fewer players, but a 72% payout rate, you’ll find that you gain the upper hand, just for playing, so go for it.

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