Math Helps Win The Lotto

A statistics professor from Yale University challenged his class to figure out the odds of winning the lotto. He said that it was nearly impossible to win, and that he was going to prove that no matter what the odds are, it’s not easy to win. He then used a strategy to offset the numbers and prove that numbers don’t lie, and that there’s a lot of luck to playing the lotto.

But the interesting thing that happened was that the class found out that strategy can trump odds, as they would find out. The professor would find out that with a strategy, the odds could shift in his favor, and after some calculations, and a semester of attempts, he proved himself wrong, and his students were stunned.

The professor of statistics was able to garner a repetition algorithm based on random number generators and pull a $2 Million-dollar jackpot. This jackpot proved to be an incredible thing, and it proved to the class that odds and numbers can be shifted to improve lotto draws. But emulating the algorithm and pulling off the big win was no easy task and requires a mastery of numbers that is nothing short of extreme focus.

However, there are strategies that you can use that are similar to what this professor did. Using a lotto strategy, you could develop a proper focused approach to winning the lotto, although, it may not be as fast or as specific as the Yale Professor pulled. But still, you could garner more victories than by playing blindly. Sometimes, a strategy is the best way to go because it emulates complex algorithms, with relative ease.

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