Michigan Man Pulls One Million Dollar Jackpot

Edmond Nicaj is the latest person to crack the lotto code. He was able to pull a $1 million dollar jackpot from the Michigan lottery this week. His numbers were 24, 26, 28, 59, and 63. Those were enough to garner him the big prize, and he is now the newest millionaire. The local media caught up with him, and he discussed that he was a casual player that has been playing the same numbers for quite some time.

He told news outlets that when he plays he would use the same numbers, and just would play the Powerball Lottery, never thinking that he could actually win. But that’s what got him to play, and keep playing, just not thinking about it. It was this simple strategy, choosing his own numbers, that really paid off, because he is now a millionaire.

The cost of a ticket to play Powerball is only $2, and you could win big if you just play with no stress, and focus on a strategy. You can work through a simple strategy and select your numbers based on the past winners, and then just go with it until you hit a prize. That’s all it takes sometimes, and well, in this scenario, you could have won $1 million dollars like Mr. Nicaj did this week in Michigan.

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