Montana Woman Wins The Lottery Twice

Sometimes lotto scratchers have 3 winning tickets in a row. One of the best tips that you can work with regarding scratchers is to play 3 tickets or more at once. You want to play 3 tickets in a row, and you want to play games that are over $1 only. Do not play tickets that are under the $5 amount.

That advice has proven to be quite good for one Montana woman, who decided to play a simple crossword game that is more than $1 at cost. She bought 4 total tickets. Two of the 4 tickets were winners.

She purchased the first ticket and won $2,000 straight away. She then purchased another few sets, and she got $75,000! That’s 2 big prizes out of 4 tickets, all because she followed a simple strategy of playing more than one scratcher at once, and playing games that were more than $1 in value each. You can do the same, and could very well win more often than not, by simply purchasing tickets in a row, and sticking to them overall. An easy way to get more money from the lotto is to stay put, play scratchers that are more than $1 each, and stay steady.

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