The Lotto Companies Give Away Secrets
Lotto Spokesperson Gives Away Secret

New York Lottery Spokeswoman Leaks Secret To Winning Lottery

The Lotto Companies Give Away Secrets
Lotto Spokesperson Gives Away Secret

How do you win the lottery? That’s a question that a lot of people want to ask and few actually know. When you talk to multiple time winners, they will tell you that there is a method to the madness, but most don’t want to follow. But what if the lottery companies themselves were to tell you how to win? That’s something that you wouldn’t scoff at right? Well that’s exactly what happened recently thanks to the local New York CBS affiliate.

The news was doing a story on how to win the lottery, when they interviewed Yolanda Vega. Vega is a spokeswoman for the New York Lottery and she revealed something huge for those that are trying to get an edge. She went as far as to say something that most people will just glance over and forget. But if you’re paying close attention to what she says, she revealed exactly what you need to do in order to win the lottery.

Vega is quoted as saying, “Check the lottery commission’s website before you buy to see if the jackpot and other prizes have already been paid out.” And that is something that most people don’t do at all!

Vega was talking about scratchers specifically, but that should tell you something huge. The lottery companies list whether or not the grand prizes and other prizes have been given out. If you check with the commission website before you buy, the chances of knowing what games still have big prizes will lead you to the right games to play.

Take that tip and then combine it with what Richard Lusting, a 7-time jackpot winner states, “Buy at least 10 tickets in the same roll, and you’ll win the jackpot in time,” leading you down the right path to jackpot glory.

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    • Scratchers come in rolls. Have clerk give you 10 tickets from same roll. Don’t split them with any other scratcher games.

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