North Carolina Man Uses Strategy To Pull $10 Million Jackpot

Michael Hill is the latest winner of a huge prize from scratchers. He didn’t win at first. But he didn’t let that stop him. You see, Hill usually buys a ticket and scratches it, and continues on his way. He has won small prizes in the past, but on one fateful night, he purchased a higher priced ticket, and felt like he needed to go for another one.

That little push forward, garnered him a $10 million jackpot. No joke, he was able to pull the top prize and was stunned. For his prize, he told the ABC news affiliate in his town, his strategy. That strategy is exactly what has been told on this site from time to time. You may not think of it, but it works. Many times.

The strategy starts with knowing the prizes left. Hill knew that there were still $10 million dollar prizes left, so he kept playing the ticket that still had prizes left. It’s there that he won the big prize.

Can you do the same?


The key is to know whether or not there are prizes left. You can do this by looking online at your state’s lotto. There, you will see what scratchers are out, and what prizes are left. If you play scratchers that still have prizes left, you will be chasing a legitimate prize, unlike others, that are blindly playing the games. Why not better your odds? Hill did, and he managed $10 million.

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