Too Many People Winning
Too Many People Winning

North Carolina To Pass Laws Restricting Lotto Jackpots

Too Many People Winning
Too Many People Winning

If you have been following this blog a bit, you’ll notice that North Carolina has been dishing out jackpot winners left and right. Well, today it was announced that the state lawmakers are investigating and possibly tightening up the lotto. The investigations that they’ve conducted has brought about a lot of suspicion over players that are staggering odds, and winning far too much.

Yes, you read that right, people are winning the lotto too much, so the state is getting mad.

But maybe there’s something to this?

The Charlotte Observer reports that the winners that were hitting big jackpots were actually retailers and employees! At least a handful of these people were in fact buying and selling tickets to individuals, telling them to be quiet once they had won.

This of course is going to be met with scrutiny, and lawmakers are already drafting legislation to help thwart any sort of fraud from going on in the future. Reselling tickets will become illegal, and other elements will become stricter, eliminating the chances for people to win multiple times, at least according to lawmakers.

Will these laws go into play? That’s yet to be seen, but it’s important to understand that North Carolina’s big winning streak may be coming to an end.

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