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One Scratcher Lotto Secret People Still Forget To Push

Lotto WinningWhen you are playing scratch lotto tickets, you are most likely just looking to match the icons and get your money. This is a good thing. You should be excited by the prospect of winning. However, you’re going to find that you can leave money on the table if you do not look at the fine print. There are a lot of people that are left out of big money because they just don’t read the print on the game.

Whenever you’re playing scratchers, make sure that you look for “Second Chance” drawings. These are drawings that require you to put in a code into the state’s lotto page. When you do that, you will be entered in another drawing to win money. Here’s the thing, most of the drawings are based on the entries that are entered. Someone will win, and if you aren’t putting your codes in, you are not winning.

Not everyone tells their story of second chances, but if you look up lotto winner stories, you’ll see that some individuals have won six figures, cars, and vacations just by doing this. Every time you play a game, look at the front of it, and see if it has a “second chance” solution if you lose. Don’t let yourself lose out on a secondary drawing, it could pay off big time.

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