The Problem With Changing Numbers

October 7, 2017 PL Admin 0

What do you do if you don’t win much money playing the lotto? What if you just keep trying and you’re not getting any traction. Well, one thing is for sure, don’t change your numbers. This may Read More

Play Often and Keep The Numbers

October 7, 2017 PL Admin 0

There are numerous stories about people that took many years to win the lotto. You may not always hear about them, but if you read the news, you know what this is about. There have been players Read More

Pick Real Numbers

October 6, 2017 PL Admin 0

The numbers are going to either hurt your odds or they are going to help your odds, that’s it. There are no two ways about it. Many people assume that they have all the hope in the Read More

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