Pay Close Attention To Your Lottery Ticket

It seems simple. You should always double check your lottery ticket, right? Well, every time we update this blog with information about losers, we hear the same thing again in the news. You see, a losing ticket doesn’t mean the end. In some cases, it’s just the beginning. You see, there are some games that have a second chance offer on them. Did you know that? Did you look at the game you’re playing? Many people don’t.

Another reason to check your ticket is to see if you are a winner. You may be so used to losing that you end up forgetting that there are times that you could win a first place or even a second prize! In the case of modern lotto tickets, some people think they didn’t win, so they just throw their ticket away, or they win and forget to cash it in.

When in doubt, even if it’s a slim chance that you may be wrong, double check your ticket, and even return to the retailer and scan it if that’s available. The goal here is simple, figure out whether you won or not. Sometimes, just by double checking, you could find that you’re a winner. Don’t be the guy that forgets that they won, or forgets to claim their prize, because the lotto companies won’t chase you, they’ll keep their money, and it happens more often than you think.

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