Paying Attention To The Lotto Numbers Is Critical For Winning

Numbers are boring. Let’s face it. If you’re a lover of numbers, you probably aren’t chasing the lotto, and that’s too bad. Those that love numbers should be playing the lottery because they could spot patterns and recognized potential drawing power more than anyone else. You may not think so, but if you look at the winners of lotto options from the past month, year, and decades, you’ll find that the lovers of numbers don’t just win once, they win multiple times.

Perhaps the most famous story amidst this, is the story that was published in Wired Magazine. A statistician figured out that the lotto had some simplistic math that could garner him six figure payouts. So he took on the challenge, and made over six figures just playing the lotto. He brought it to the attention of the lotto company in his state, and they didn’t care, because the math was such that most people didn’t want to do it.

That being said, you could work with a lotto strategy and it’s perfectly legal. No joke, you could easily work with any strategy and end up with a positive push forward, and win big. All it takes is to pay attention to the numbers, and subscribe to a lotto strategy to pull it off.

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