Picking Numbers Versus Quick Picks

There are different ways that you can approach lottery games. Those that win multiple times do so through a focus on strategies. There are two options that are popular in this arena. The first is simple, you’re going to find that people play quick picks and just hope that they can win. The other is picking numbers based on strategy, any strategy. What does each one mean? Well take a quick look at the difference between the two.

Picking Numbers

You can pick your own numbers based on the rules of the game that you want to play. Let’s assume that you want to play the Pick 3. You will need to select numbers for each draw, which can be 1 through 99 (for example). You can pick something like, 23, 33, and 47. You can pick numbers based on any number of options, including getting a strategy and picking them based on research, and more. This is a good plan.

Quick Picks

Moving to the next option, you’ll find that you can use quick picks. This is something that you get the retailer to pick for you. The clerk will give you a ticket based on their random number generator. This is 100% random and is a completely different random number generator that the lotto draws come from. That means that your odds will multiply.

The better solution is picking your own numbers. Pick your own numbers and pursue them based on a strategy. If you do that, you will see a bigger jump in terms of winning. Do not go with quick picks, as you’ll be working with odds that aren’t going to be easy to pursue. Quick picks increase the odds in the favor of the lotto, simple as that.

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