Play Often and Keep The Numbers

There are numerous stories about people that took many years to win the lotto. You may not always hear about them, but if you read the news, you know what this is about. There have been players that played the lotto daily for 30 years. That’s right, 30 years of daily play and only one big jackpot. But that jackpot is usually six to seven figures.

Just look into the winner’s circle of the lotto at any stage. Look online for news about this, and you’ll see  that persistence pays off. Sure, you may not be rich tomorrow, or next year, but what if in 5 years you hit a 100 million dollar jackpot? That’s exactly what happens all the time, and people don’t always realize it.

As you look into playing the lotto, make sure that you do not give up hope of winning. Some people get a big win fast, and others see it without such a win after years. Take your time, select the game you want to master, and just chase it until you win. Oh, and keep the same numbers to boot.

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