Playing Lotto Games For Nevada Residents

If you’re currently living in Nevada, you probably aren’t going to get much use out of a lottery strategy. That is, unless you are going to want to take some advice as to how to play the lotto in a state that’s nearby, for instance, California. That’s right, if you are currently living in Nevada and you want to subscribe to a strategy to win the lotto, then you will want to visit your local California retailer of lotto tickets.

You can win if you are a Nevada resident, assuming that you pick the right numbers, and you buy your tickets from a retailer that is near you, in this case, California.

Is this something that many people do?

The answer is simple, yes. In fact, if you look into the lotto as of this past week, you would find that at the Gold Ranch in Nevada there’s an interesting element. You see, Gold Ranch is located partially in Nevada and partially in California, so thousands upon thousands of people flock there to pick up lotto tickets, and since the Mega Millions reached $450 million dollars, thousands flocked there this past week.

For those that didn’t get in on the ticket, or simply didn’t even know that they could play, the winning numbers were 28, 30, 39, 59, 70, and the Mega Ball was 10 and Megaplier was 3. Get familiar with how to play the Mega Millions and Power Ball game, and you could very well get to a California lotto retailer and pull in a huge victory with a strategy, of course.

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