Real Life Heisenberg
Ronnie Music Jr. Should've Been Living Large

Real Life Heisenberg Builds Meth Empire With Lotto Winnings

Real Life Heisenberg
Ronnie Music Jr. Should’ve Been Living Large

The hit show “Breaking Bad” introduced audiences to a school teacher named Walter White. He would later be known as the infamous meth engineer, Heisenberg. In the series, Mr. White doesn’t win the lottery, but he uses his knowledge of chemistry to create a better product. What does that have to do with the lottery? It’s there that you start to see how life can imitate art. Ronnie Music Jr. was 45 years old when hit the jackpot in Georgia. In 2015 he picked up some lotto tickets, something he did often enough, and hit the $3 million jackpot. Instead of living it up at some resort, retiring early, and enjoying his windfall, he instead turned into a real life Heisenberg.

What would you do with that windfall?

Ronnie Music Jr. decided to take his earnings and head towards infamy. With a windfall of millions, he decided to build a meth empire. He sunk nearly all of his money into the business of dealing meth, and while it may have worked for a short time in the television show, “Break Bad”, Music Jr. found out the hard way that it’s better to enjoy your money, then to invest in illegal enterprise.

Music Jr. was a maintenance supervisor before hitting the big jackpot. He was busted in July for his misdeeds. When the police captured him, he was trying to sell 11 pounds of meth. After some investigation, authorities pulled more than $1 million in meth, guns, and $600K in cash.

Winning the lotto should be joyous, but for Ronnie Music Jr. it became a nightmare. This is just one of the many cautionary tales that you’re going to find befalls lottery winners. The big lesson to learn here is to not funnel any money you may win with the lottery into illegal enterprises. It’s just not going to pay off. You’re better off buying more tickets, and testing your luck.

Ronnie Music Jr. pleaded guilty, and with the seizure of his cash, drugs, and more, it’s safe to say that the $3 Million jackpot is all but lost.

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