Don't Steal Lotto Tickets
Don't Steal Lotto Tickets

Stealing Tickets Does Not Increase Odds

Don't Steal Lotto Tickets
Don’t Steal Lotto Tickets

Today’s lesson in winning the lottery comes from a 27 year old clerk. Jason Turner was a clerk at a Sunoco gas station when he decided to explore the notion of winning the lottery. Instead of playing like anyone else, he decided to take advantage of his proximity to the games, by simply stealing them.

The story gets more interesting in that he stole tens of thousands of tickets. Even with all those tickets, he didn’t win, and worse of all, he got caught. The managers of the store noticed that $45K in tickets were missing, and so they called in their team, and Mr. Turner was caught.

If that’s not enough, consider the fact that this story takes another turn. You see, this clerk decided he would pay back the tickets. He said he was sorry, and so he wrote a check. That check bounced, and well, he is now in custody and that’s the end of that.

It should be noted that crime doesn’t pay, and the lottery odds don’t increase simply by buying more tickets. In fact, stealing them is also a bad idea, and of course, you should never write checks that you cannot cash. Bad checks, stealing lottery tickets, and well, getting caught red handed in the name of winning the lotto is just not going to pay off, as evidenced by Jason Turner.

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