The Mighty Fortune Cookie

October 22, 2017 PL Admin 0

Did you know that fortune cookies could garner you success in winning the lottery? There are countless stories about people that have won the lotto by simply chasing their dream and a fortune cookie told them the Read More

The Lotto Does Not Change

October 22, 2017 PL Admin 0

People that are not playing the lotto with any sort of strategy are missing out on something big. The lottery confuses people with updates and changes, but if you look closely, these are nothing more than red Read More

A Lotto Glitch Revealed

October 16, 2017 PL Admin 0

You may or may not have heard about Eddie Tipton. This is a man that received prison time for scamming the lottery out of millions of dollars. But here’s the thing. He told the lotto companies! That’s Read More

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