The Biggest Mistake You Are Going To Make

Not me. No way. It’ll never happen to me. But yet today another story has come out and guess what? It happened again. This is a mistake every single lotto player can end up making, and you’re going to find that things are going to cause problems.

What could this be?

It’s simple. You may forget to cash in your ticket. I kid you not. You may forget to cash in.

Don’t think it would happen to you? Consider a small Texas town. Weatherford, Texas had a winner for the lotto. The Texas Lotto Commission sold a winning ticket worth 5.5 million dollars, and guess what? No one has come forward.

That means that someone is making a big mistake.

If you do not claim your prize, even if you’re a winner, you will not get paid. This person has a limited amount of time to cash in, and if they don’t cash their lotto ticket, they won’t get paid.

The numbers for this winner, who still hasn’t claimed their ticket includes, 5, 10, 16, 22, 26, and 46. That was good enough to garner a 5.5 million dollar jackpot.

But the biggest mistake here is simple, not claiming the prize.

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