Mainstream Lotto Tips
MSN Money Gave Away A Huge Lotto Tip

The Lotto Tip The Mainstream Media Just Revealed Could Get You A Jackpot

Mainstream Lotto Tips
MSN Money Gave Away A Huge Lotto Tip

From time to time the mainstream media puts through a story about the lotto that gives away secrets. It’s rare, and most people don’t really think about it. But then it happens and those that pay attention, walk away with a huge tip. That’s what happened recently when the mainstream media ran a story about improving your odds at winning bigger lottery jackpots. Now, it should be stated that this is the kind of tip that is either going to continue to make you a believer in winning or it’s going to seem too obvious.

Here’s the thing, some of the basic tips for improving odds are not followed by the majority of lotto players. What does that mean? That means that if you were to follow them, you would increase your odds and possibly hit huge jackpots.

What’s The Secret?

Recently, MSN Money ran a segment in which it discussed how multiple time winners were able to win over time. Some had hit the jackpot up to 7 times! Could you emulate that? Well, possibly, but you would need to do a few things. The biggest tip that the mainstream media gave away was simple:

Stick To A Set of Numbers

That’s it. They said that you should research, and stick to a set of good numbers that you can play regularly. Do not change them. Just play the same numbers and make sure that they are based on research. If you can do that, you will increase your odds exponentially.

Of course, the next big tip that they recommend was simple enough as well, don’t forget to buy your ticket and play those numbers.

If you do a bit of homework, and you select a “good” set of numbers, and you play them regularly, you will eventually hit several smaller jackpots before getting the big one. This is according to MSN Money, a mainstream media outlet.

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