The Quick Pick Lie

It happens every day. Someone goes to get a lotto ticket and throws caution to the wind. They go in to a retailer and they just get a quick pick. They don’t even think twice, and then find out they didn’t win. For every 1 person that strikes it rich with the quick pick, there are hundreds of thousands of people that lose. Why? Well, because it’s the worst strategy that you can employ when trying to play the lotto.

Why is it so bad to go with the quick pick?

The root of the answer starts with how the lotto picks their winning numbers. They focus on random number generation. But this number generation system is separated from the quick pick line. So you’re not battling against one computer system, you’re battling against two independent number generators, and that makes the odds increase ten to one hundred fold. That’s not going to help you win at all.

So what can you do to win?

You can stop going with the quick pick. You could pick numbers out of thin air, or even a fortune cookie and have better odds of winning the lotto than to go with the quick pick. The easiest strategy is to get a set of numbers and don’t change them. Keep playing them, and just keep going forward.

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