Lotto Remix 10

The Tasty Side of Picking Lotto Numbers

Lotto Remix 10

A lot of people look for secret ways to get their lucky numbers. Well, today we will talk about a tip that has garnered hundreds of millions of dollars in lotto winnings, with a side of General Tso’s Chicken. What could this mean? Well, despite the bad joke, consider the fact that millions of dollars are given out to lotto winners that pick their numbers from fortune cookies.

This may sound insane, but if you search for fortune cookie lotto numbers, you are going to run into a lot of news stories of people that have done this and won. How could this be? Aren’t they random?

Well, not really. First of all, people that play numbers that are determined by a cookie, are doing one of the many things that multiple time winners tell you to do. They say to pick out your own numbers. The next thing to do is to play often, and keep playing the same numbers, without changing.

If you play your numbers, and you do not change them, and you don’t chase ghosts of lotto fortune, you will eventually win. Some people take a few months, and others take years, but they all eventually win. You could join them, if you just follow along. If you’re stumped as to what numbers to pick, get some Chinese food, crack open a fortune cookie and play those numbers until you win.

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