Texas Punctuation Mistake
Texas Punctuation Mistake

Thousands Sue Texas Lottery Over Punctuation

Texas Punctuation Mistake
Texas Punctuation Mistake

When it comes to winning the lottery, you have to know the game you’re playing. You should know the game so well that you don’t lose money. That’s exactly the tip that may multiple time winners should know about. If you are going to win, you should know what the game is, how to play it, and how to win.

Well, what if the game is not clear? That’s something that could thwart things, right? Well, in the case of 1,200 Texans, the lotto company has screwed them over.

1,200 Texans have sued the Texas lottery over a scratcher that looks as though they’ve won big, but in reality, they haven’t won anything. Scratching the game reveals what appears to be a winner, but when scanned, and checked by the lotto, they are not. The Texas Lottery Commission has stated that the rules are clear and that the misunderstanding is such that it’s the fault of the player.

The Texas Supreme court will review the case and will have an answer as to whether or not players were cheated. The controversy is in regards to whether or not a person can win in 2 different ways, or if it is just 1 way, worded differently. There may or may not be a “period” or a “comma” that is in place.

Whatever the case is, you have to absolutely be sure of what you’re doing when you play the lotto, including reading the rules correctly.

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