Two Major Keys To Winning Scratcher Lotteries

People from all over the world like to play scratcher lotteries, and they are fun to work with. They are easy to work with because you can start with at least $1. But if you want to win the lotto, and you are serious about getting big jackpots, you’ll need to look into a few things that could very well help you gain the upper hand.

What could help you?

There are two major keys to winning scratcher lotteries. The two major things that you can do to help you win starts with befriending your local clerk. When you go to buy lottery tickets, befriend the clerk and just be nice to them. Know their name, and go in often enough. No, they are not going to do you favors, but you will be on a friendly basis for the second key to winning scratchers.

After you have spent some time getting to know your clerk, make sure that you ask them what games are selling a great deal, and which ones aren’t selling. Then make sure that you buy options that aren’t selling that well, or that are new. When you do that, buy no less than 10 tickets at once, and that’s it. If you do this, you will end up with a larger set of odds than most others playing the same games.

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