Watching The Numbers Helps

People play the lotto every day and instead of picking their own set of numbers they go with the “quick pick” option. This is done for you by the lotto and it’s not going to help you win at all. It’s like throwing your money into a fountain and casting a wish. There’s nothing good that will come from this, however, it is a rare occasion where someone wins through this option.

If you’re serious about getting the odds in your favor, you need to pick your own numbers. Base the win of the numbers on something that can help you establish the right configuration. The easiest way to do this is look for the winning results of your local lottery based on the past 30 days. If not, then write down the winning numbers for the upcoming 30 days of drawings. Then go back and look at them.

When you look at the numbers, you’re going to see that some digits come up more than others. Those repetitive elements across 30 days are going to help you pick the next set of numbers you should play. You can either cycle through new numbers, or build a set of numbers that will give you better odds over time. Either way, watching the numbers and writing them down will give you a sense of what the random number generator for your state’s lottery is pulling.

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