What Do Multiple Time Lotto Winners Have In Common?

You may not know this but there are a lot of winners of the lotto that do so repeatedly. They win so often that they have been investigated by the lotto and many other entities. Each time they are investigated, guess what?

There is nothing found. The reason is simple, winning the lottery multiple times is not a crime. If you do so legally, with a strategy, you will not be charged with a crime, because there is no crime to doing this at all. It’s something that many people don’t realize until they actually win a big prize multiple times.

Those that win multiple times have something in common, however. It’s something that most people don’t know, and it’s simple. They use a strategy. They focus on a strategy that lets them get the numbers that will pop up more often than not. Then they apply that strategy to a budgeted set of playing. They don’t play every game, either, they pick one game to master and they stick to it.

Some players that win multiple times don’t win the first place prize in lotto drawings. But they will win the second place, or third place prize. Some of those options will garner you upwards of six figures, mind you. Multiple time winners use strategy to win, and they don’t “play” the game, they treat it like a business.

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